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About HOFF :









Official launch in 2015 directed by Leif.designpark after 3 year of preparation since the primitive concept when Junichiro Morinaga, an experienced shoemaker, and Takashi Ueno (Leif.designpark), an interior designer, met carding leather.




A circulation and awareness of materials and craftsmanship, we believe they would breed scenes which people, conversations and ideas come together. 

HOFF tokyo aims at creating standard beauty of art which never get influenced by any trend.


about HOFF

About Material :







考え方の転換、デザインの力によってネガティブをポジティブへ昇華させることこそ、HOFFの本領であるといえるでしょう。私達はこの革をCarding Leatherと呼び、ステーショナリーアイテムに落し込むことを考えました。


2015年春よりHOFFのもの作りは、その漉きの作業でうまれた両方の素材、吟面(GRAIN LEATHER)と床革(CARDING LEATHER)を使用し、日本の工房で生産される新しい“形”を追求したコレクションになります。 




Traditionally, some parts of the leather are discarded in order to ensure that the leather maintains the same thickness to makeshoes and bag.The remaining end without the outer layer is less used effectively and sometimes disposed.That is the material created to use for HOFF products,what we call "Carding Leather".We remarked its unique and distinctive taste, tried utilizing to produce useful and simple product.


Speciality of HOFF tokyo is to sublimate a negative into a positive by converting conceptionwith a power of design.


Since Spring 2015, HOFF adopts hybrid collections of both leather from the process mentioned above, which are called Carding leather and Grain leather.


Grain Leather

Carding Leather

Product Care :





和紙のような硬さとしなやかさを持っているCarding Leatherの部分は、植物性なめしの牛革から生まれた革です。

この革は、その漉き革に手を加えCarding Leatherとして紡ぎ上げた(cardした)革です。


Carding Leather の性質をご理解頂き、大切にお使い下さい。




Carding leather made from plant-tanned cowhide is both as soft and as durable as handmade Japanese paper.

Traditionally, some parts of the leather are discarded in order to ensure that the leather maintains the same thickness.We make use of this discarded leather to create Carding Leather.Leather is a natural material and is not water resistant, can be worn off or fade over time.  Please be aware of the nature of Carding Leather and handle with care.








Each piece is handmade by artisans, all are therefore unique and can slightly vary in tone, size and finish.This, together with the Carding Leather's play of tones and natural marks, makes each piece of products unique.







In order to preserve and protect your piece from stains,

we recommend that you use a waterproof spray.

Some sprays may cause discolor, we recommend that you try spraying inside the product first. 






Shown in this catalogue is HOFF product line as of May 2020.Please note that the product specification and design changes may occur, or product may be discontinued without notice.  






The actual product may differ slightly from the images on the screen in terms of feel and color.

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